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It all began a decade ago when two IT specialists crossed paths at a co-working cafe

Their shared passion for technology and digital products ignited countless discussions and collaborations. Late nights turned into early mornings as they worked tirelessly, delivering urgent launches and dedicating weekends to excel in hackathons.Although life briefly led them in different directions, the ideas and principles they had formulated during their early encounters continued to burn brightly. They remained in touch, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work together again.Several years later, their paths converged once more, and this marked the start of something truly magical. They, along with a formidable team of like-minded individuals and seasoned professionals who shared their unwavering passion for technology, embarked on an explosive journey of growth and innovation.
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As a diverse team, we unite exceptional experts from various regions and backgrounds

including contributors with unique experiences and expertise from renowned companies like Yandex, Tinkoff, VKontakte, leading universities, and thriving startups. Our experts hold certifications, such as AWS and Google, demonstrating their proficiency in cloud technologies, along with ICAgile certification for agility and effectiveness. Our team comprises developers, DevOps engineers, designers, managers, analysts, data engineers, and specialists in Data Science and Machine Learning.  Together, we have a track record of successfully delivering complex and intricate projects, showcasing our ability to tackle challenging tasks and implement cutting-edge solutions. Our collective experience in large-scale companies, combined with diverse perspectives and global insights, enriches our team's expertise, enabling us to
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Expertise is not just knowing. It's doing, learning, and evolving

clients and partnersEvery partner, every client, is a chapter in our collective journey. We build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and collaboration
employeesTo care for others, we must first care for ourselves. Our employees and contractors are our backbone
talent developmentGrowth is an inside job. And we're committed to helping every expert reach their pinnacle
approachDeep integration isn't just about code. It's about understanding your dreams and turning them into reality
managementOur company structure isn't about hierarchy; it's about harmonious collaboration
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leadership in the community

We are a company committed to supporting local tech communities. We organize conferences, provide training, contribute to open-source projects, host hackathons and offer opportunities for all. Our mission is to promote open-mindedness globally, uphold non-discrimination principles, maintain high ethical standards, and assist others in making a positive impact on the world.
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As they reflect on their incredible adventure, they are propelled forward by a common vision and an unwavering dedication to shaping the future of technology and digital products.
«In our company, we promote competence and coaching, guided by the principles of openness and personal responsibility. We have adopted group and individual psychotherapy.
This drives our aspiration towards the teal organizational model. »
Serge BershadskyCEO & Tech Evangelist