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Deep expertise in Django and Python

Djangoheads is like a star map, where uncharted galaxies and mysterious realms of technology come into view. It serves as a GPS system for anyone facing the most challenging obstacles in bringing their ideas to life.

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Our services include technical audits, software development, cloud migration, scaling solutions, DevOps support, and expertise in machine learning and data engineering.
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"Cloud-Agnostic" approach

We adhere to a "Cloud-Agnostic" approach, which means that our solutions are designed with maximum flexibility in mind. This allows our applications to run on various cloud platforms, reducing vendor lock-in. The benefits of this approach include cost optimization, enhanced resilience, the ability to choose the best cloud services for specific needs, and improved adaptability and long-term sustainability.

In the world of Python and Django, we're not just players — we're game-changers

Technical audit of Python and Django projectsTechnical audit of Python and Django projects
Cloud migration for Django projectsCloud migration for Django projects
DevOps and infrastructure monitoringDevOps and infrastructure monitoring
Scaling and high-load solutions for projectsScaling and high-load solutions for projects
ML and Data EngineeringML and Data Engineering
Software developmentSoftware development
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we are a diverse team of expertsWith backgrounds spanning Yandex, Tinkoff, VKontakte, top universities, and startups. Our team holds certifications in AWS, Google, and ICAgile, showcasing our proficiency in cloud tech and agility. Comprising developers, DevOps engineers, designers, analysts, and more, we have a track record of delivering complex projects, enriched by our collective experience and global insights
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Healing the Web: How We Transformed a Booking Website
Healing the Web: How We Transformed a Booking WebsiteWe'd like to share the remarkable journey of a healthcare appointment booking website – a story of overcoming adversity and achieving remarkable success.
Coins in the Clouds: Seamless Migration
of Asian Social Network Users' E-Wallets
Coins in the Clouds: Seamless Migration of Asian Social Network Users' E-WalletsIn the ever-evolving world of technology and social media, a robust and cost-effective cloud infrastructure is imperative.
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leadership in the community

We are a company committed to supporting local tech communities. We organize conferences, provide training, contribute to open-source projects, host hackathons and offer opportunities for all. Our mission is to promote open-mindedness globally, uphold non-discrimination principles, maintain high ethical standards, and assist others in making a positive impact on the world.